How to



with Flat Tummy Protein

This guide shares how to use Flat Tummy Protein... 
to get a Flatter Tummy and Lose Weight...

  • Without dieting 
  • Without starving yourself
  • Without hours and hours of exhausting exercise

Keep reading because this

works faster than any diet you have ever tried...

Here is What is in the Guide:


Flat Tummy Protein  helped me to get a flatter tummy”


"I wish I had known about this 30 years


“My self confidence has skyrocketed”


“I got so many compliments at my 50th Birthday Party”


Full Time Working Mum of Three

“I no longer crave junk food”



"I am a super busy mum and I love

it takes less than 30 seconds a day"


“For the first time I feel comfortable in swimwear"

How I Discovered the Secret
To Getting a Flatter Tummy

I am a little bit different to most “weight loss gurus”.

I have actually been 20kgs Overweight...
and I Struggled with my Weight For A Long Time.

I had tried and failed to lose weight so many times…

The reason I failed was always the same...

Every time I started a diet 

or tried to eat better 

could never stick with it

I was always hungry

I would always get cravings

Cravings for the foods I knew I should not have

Muffins, cakes, pastries, chocolate, ice cream...

It would always end in a blowout... 

afterwards I would always feel so angry with myself

I was starting to think I would never be able to change my body.

One day I thought...

What if there was a way to control my hunger and cravings?

Then losing weight would be EASY…

I heard that having a protein shake could help me to Lose Weight and Tone my Tummy

I searched and searched but I could never find a protein that...

  • Didn't taste awful...
  • Wasn't packed full of nasty, fake chemicals...
  • or wasn't made to help bodybuilders bulk up.

I discovered there was a 100% Pure, natural protein that is made from the milk of cows that graze freely on lush, green pastures in Northern Tasmania.

This pure, natural protein...

is perfect for beating cravings and hunger,

increasing metabolism, and burning belly fat.

So I tracked down the only source of this special pure protein...

and Flat Tummy Protein was born.

This pure protein was nothing like those protein powders and shakes I had tried before…

When I blended this pure protein with fresh or frozen fruit it tasted amazing...

Because the flavour came from the fruit I could make unlimited flavours from the same pack of protein.... and my Smoothies tasted YUMMY.

Flat Tummy Protein Helped me to Lose 20kgs.

As soon as I started having my Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie daily I Noticed:

  • I felt satisfied and full
  • My Tummy Was Less Bloated
  • I stopped constantly thinking about food
  • I wasn't hungry all the time
  • My cravings were gone
  • I stopped having blowouts
  • I started losing weight faster than I thought was possible

and I started losing weight really Fast

I could finally walk past a bakery without stopping for a quick snack...

For the first time I felt like what I was doing was working

Flat Tummy Protein didn’t just work for me

Flat Tummy Protein has worked for the thousands of women and it will work for you to.

I created Flat Tummy Protein for women who are looking for a fasteasy way to lose weight and get a flatter tummy...

..without ever feeling hungry or deprived or exhausted from hours and hours of exercise...

Flat Tummy Protein is especially made for women who want a flatter tummy and want to lose 5-30kgs.

Give it a go!

How to use Flat Tummy Protein

Have 1 Flat Tummy Protein

Smoothie a Day To:

Flat Tummy Protein Makes
Weight Loss Easy

1. Have a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie daily.

2. Eat healthy food for your other meals.

How to make the Best Tasting Smoothie Ever

Takes less than 30 seconds.

For the most delicious Smoothie you have ever tasted:

Flavour your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie by blending Flat Tummy Protein with Fruit and Milk.

Flat Tummy Protein Smoothies taste yummy because they are are made with real ingredients.

Here are the Fav Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie Recipes

Make unlimited flavours from the same pack by adding different fresh or frozen fruit.

Click Below for the FREE Top 10 Smoothies and Snacks Recipe Guide

The guide has all of the very best easysimple to make, delicious Flat Tummy Smoothie Recipes.

The Top 5 Tips for a Flatter Tummy

Here are my Top 5 Tips for getting a flatter tummy FAST...

1. Eat often during the day to boost your metabolism.

It's as simple as Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner.. 

Eating Often

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Assists your body in burning fat 24 hours a day
  • Eliminates cravings
  • Helps your body to get toned

    Here is how to put together a day of food...

TIP: Have a Flat Tummy Smoothie every day to make it easy

2. Drink lots of Water

Water makes you feel fuller and flushes the fat and toxins from the body.

The more you drink the more you shrink.

Over 70% of your body is water and you need to be in a hydrated state to burn fat off your tummy, hips, thighs and arms.

TIP: Have a Flat Tummy Smoothie every day to make it easy

3. Flush the Fat with Fibre 

Not enough fibre = belly bloat and blockages (if you know what I mean) :-) Fruit and Vegetables are the best source of natural fibre.

TIP: An easy way to get in your fibre is to have your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie daily.

4. Get enough Protein each day.

  • Protein makes you feel fuller
  • Protein helps you to burn more fat
  • Protein helps you to get toned
  • Protein helps you to have clear skin and lovely hair and nails

Tip: A meal only counts if it contains protein.

Add these easy sources of protein to your mid morning and mid afternoon snacks to make them count as meals

  • Natural or European yoghurt
  • Low fat cottage cheese, (have this on a ryvita with a sliced tomato)
  • An egg
  • A tin of tuna

TIP Have your Tummy Protein Smoothie daily to make getting in your protein easy.

5. Eat Pure and Natural

Eat natural pure foods as these foods give you energy and do not store as fat.

The more natural a food is the better.

Replace instant, processed and junk foods with natural pure foods.

TIP: Your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie is the fastest, easiest way to get in a pure and natural meal.

6. It's not “all or nothing”

I recommend you still enjoy your favourite meal each week.

It can actually speed up your results as you have something to look forward to and are less likely to have a blowout during the week.

I love Thai and Indian and look forward to enjoying a Thai or Indian Takeaway every week.

How to Order Flat Tummy Protein

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Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metro is 1-2 Days.

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“Now I can wear all the clothes I

always wanted to and they look great"



"I love waking up with a
Flatter Tummy"



“I really slimmed down my

tummy, hips and thighs"



"I felt so good in Hawaii for my

50th wedding anniversary"


“Now I feel comforatable going to the

pool with my 2 young daughters"



"I cant believe how quickly I lost my muffin top"



"I got my pre baby body back and love it"



“People keep telling me I look

10 years younger"

Flat Tummy Protein works Because
It Is 100% Pure and Natural

  • No Additives
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Chalky Texture
  • No Sickly Aftertaste
  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free

Frequently asked Questions

Can you really get results in just 7 Days?

YES.  When you get everything right your results are dramatic.

Here are the results from just one week...

How many Smoothies do you have a day?

Have 1 Smoothie a day and eat healthy for your other meals.

What Flavours does Flat Tummy Protein come in?

The flavour in your Flat Tummy Protein smoothie comes from the fruit you blend in your smoothie.

Make unlimited flavours from the same pack by adding different fresh or frozen fruit.

What about exercise?

My best advice is to focus on having your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothies first...

Then focus on what you are eating for your other meals.  

After that add exercise- 20 mins, 3 times per week is all you need to get started.

What do you eat for the rest of your meals?

You will get the best results from having 1 Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie each day and eating healthy food for the rest of your meals.

Where are you based?

Flat Tummy HQ is on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. You can contact us by clicking here

How long does it take to get my order?

All orders ship from the Sunshine Coast Queensland daily with Free Express Delivery.

Delivery takes 2- 6 working days all over Australia.

Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane metro is 1-2 Days.

Each order is sent with tracking.

What are the Ingredients and Nutrition Details?

Click Here for the Ingredients and Nutrition Details

Is Flat Tummy Protein Gluten Free?


Is Flat Tummy Protein Vegetarian?


Is Flat Tummy Protein Dairy Free?

Regular Flat Tummy Protein Contains Dairy.

Dairy Free Flat Tummy Protein is also available.
Click Here for Dairy Free Flat Tummy Protein

Is Flat Tummy Protein Vegan?

Regular Flat Tummy Protein Contains Dairy.

Dairy Free Flat Tummy Protein is also available.
Click Here for Dairy Free Flat Tummy Protein 

Does Flat Tummy Protein have any added sugar?

There is no added sugar in Flat Tummy Protein.

What methods of Payment do you accept?
You can use Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Amex cards, Paypal, Paypal Pay in 4.

Sharon B Verified Buyer 

I love how it is smooth and creamy. The Peanut Butter and Banana Recipe is my fav. I look forward to having it every time 😊


Love this Protein. Tastes amazing


Finally, a protein shake that is clean with no fake sweeteners and it is so yummy


The mealplan is AWESOME.. its so easy to do and stick with. My Boyfriend was shocked when I said we are having Pizza for dinner in the first week of the plan.


I have tried them all and Flat Tummy Protein smoothies are the only ones I continue to have daily as they are not sickly sweet or chalky and taste great.


I have 1 Flat Tummy Protein smoothie a day and it helps me make better choices for my other meals.


I wish I had started on Flat Tummy Protein smoothies sooner – these really work for me and I have never felt better

Bec H 

My favourite is the Nutty Banana recipe – you blend Flat Tummy Protein with frozen banana, peanut butter and milk – whoa you have to try it.


I really struggle with my eating and my weight and Flat Tummy Protein has really helped me .


I love that you can use Flat Tummy Protein to make healthy high protein weightloss snacks that actually taste the bomb – just a bit addicted to the Flat Tummy Protein Bliss Balls recipe – it takes me 10mins to make a wholes weeks’ worth of snacks and hubby loves them too..

Anita B

I would always skip breakfast and eat something from the bakery for morning tea – Vix suggested to try having a Flat Tummy Protein smoothie for breakfast and now I am hooked. Its so quick and I have it on the way to work


My mum and I both love the Flat Tummy Protein Purple Magic Recipe. We have both gone down a clothing size already and feel so much better


I love that I can make a new flavour each day from the one packet. The Raspberry Pop Recipe is so Refreshing and fruity.


I had been trying to lose weight for a really long time and nothing was working. My friend told me about Flat Tummy Protein and in the first week I could see my face was thinner and my bloating was gone.


I am a shift worker and these yum smoothies make it so much easier for me to stay on track with my meals and eating.


These Smoothies are delicious – I was busting out of my work shirts and now they are roomy.  So Happy


As a busy mum I was after something that was satisfying, quick, easy and it had to taste great. Flat Tummy Protein is perfect and I often sip on one whilst doing the kids taxi runs


Thank goodness for Vix’s protein powder. I work every weekend 11-7pm and don’t get home til 8. Most of the time I have my dinner already made or am up to cooking but tonight I looked at the kitchen with despair. I was so tired just thinking of cutting up some veggies. I just happened to glance over to my blender and thought ‘Of course! A protein shake.’ I have them almost every morning but completely forget about them when it comes to planning dinner. So now I’m happy, putting my feet up and enjoying some downtime while I can 😊


Mmmmmm just tried the mango recipe – insane


This stuff works! I am getting results which motivates me and I actually believe I will reach my goal.


I was so sick of feeling fat but so confused with what I should be doing. I trusted Vix’s program and Flat Tummy Protein as she knows what it like personally to struggle with weight and I felt confident it would work for me to and it is – this is a game changer


I love all the food on the mealplan. Making one of my meals a Flat Tummy Protein smoothie is magic and its really helped me. I am actually surprised when I catch my reflection now and smile rather then cringe..


I decided to try the Flat Tummy Protein Green Energy Smoothie and OMG its taste better then my high sugar go to from Boost Juice. It tastes awesome and its so healthy and def gives me more energy..


I am hooked on the coffee recipe. Now I get my coffee fix in a healthy way


YAY my tummy is shrinking – goodbye jelly belly..


I have been using Flat Tummy Protein for a long time now because it helped me reach my goal and I have been able to maintain my results for 18months now as it stopes the cravings for mindless snacking.


You name it and I have tried it and nothing really worked. So I was sceptical about Flat Tummy Protein until I could see the results. I don’t weigh myself but knew I was getting results as all my clothes just got too big and I am already down 3 pants sizes.


Obsessed with the peanut butter bomb recipe and my muffin top is getting smaller.


My baby weight was not shifting and I was yoyo dieting all the time. I started on the Flat Tummy Protein smoothies each day and doing some the short exercises in Vix’s guide and my baby pouch is def getting smaller and more toned


My bloated belly was gone in just the first week – who knew it could be so easy – thanx I love my smoothie each day


I really like that I get to use real fresh ingredients to flavour my smoothies. You can see the goodness as you make it and just feel better knowing what’s going into your body and its gentle on my sensitive tummy.


Love the meal plan recipes! Today's workout done!


My arms and thighs and hips have always been my trouble spots and now I have found what works


I love all the Flat Tummy Protein recipes and just started making the smoothie bowls with the crunchy toppings – so fancy.


The Flat Tummy Protein 3 ingredient pancakes recipe is delicious, perfect for a Sunday morning breakky. It’s so cool that you can use Flat Tummy Protein in smoothies, Baking and Healthy Snacks


Love Love Love …made the Flat Tummy Protein skinny chocolate cake recipe this week and everyone loves it. I get so excited trying out your recipes as they all ROCK