This guide has all the Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie Recipes as well as my best very best tips for

Getting a flatter tummy in just 7 days..

and for losing 5- 30kgs and toning up all over using Flat Tummy Protein.

Here is What is in the Guide:









Have 1-2  Flat Tummy Protein Smoothies a day.

What is the Best Time of Day to Have a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie?

Have a Flat Tummy at any time during the day + Eat Healthy For Your Other Meals.

TIP: a Flat Tummy Protein Breakfast Smoothie is a quick, easy option.

The choice is yours!

How to make a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie

The best way to get started making a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie is to start with the recipes.


TIP The Top 3 Most popular Smoothie Recipes
1. Nutty Banana
2. Raspberry Pop
3. Purple Magic.  
If you are not sure what to try first start with one of these...

The Top 3 Favourite Recipes

Click Below for Each Recipe...

Delicious Fruit Smoothies

Click Below for Each Recipe...

 Craving Busting Chocolate Smoothies

TIP: Add Superclean Chocolate for the most delicious Chocolate Flat Tummy Protein Smoothies

Click Below for Each Chocolate Recipe...

Flush the Fat with Green Smoothies

TIP: Green Smoothies are the Ultimate Fat Flush. If you are not sure about Green Smoothies try the Green Energy First.  You won't even taste the Greens!

Click Below for Each Recipe


What is the best Milk to Use?

Use any kind of milk: Full cream, Skim Milk or Plant based milk: Almond, Coconut, Soy.

How to Store Flat Tummy Protein

Store your Flat Tummy Protein in a resealable plastic tub in your cupboard. Here is the one I use.

You can grab this one from Coles (Décor Tellfresh 3 Litres is the size I use)

How long does Flat Tummy Protein Last?

Flat Tummy Protein is 100% natural product with no added chemicals or preservatives.

Depending on the batch Flat Tummy Protein has a "best before date" of 6-12 months.

Each Flat Tummy Protein pack is marked with a white “best before date” sticker.

It is on the bottom or back of the pack.

Frozen Fruit

Using frozen fruit makes your Smoothie extra creamy.

You can grab frozen raspberries, blueberries, mango pineapple and more from the freezer in Coles or Woolworths.

You can also Freeze your own Fresh Fruit for Later

When I buy Fresh Fruit, I often chop it up into cubes and place in an airtight tub and freeze.

This makes preparing my smoothies very fast.

ALL fruit freezes well.

TIP: For an Ice Cream texture in your Smoothies use Frozen Bananas.

Freeze your bananas with skin on to stop them going brown.

Time Saving TIP:

Place all your Smoothie ingredients into Zip Lock sandwich bags and freeze.

Make enough for your entire week.

This way they are always ready to go...

you use your fruit and veg when it’s at its most FRESH and there is no wastage.

TIP: Blend Your Smoothies

To make your smoothies super smooth and yummy BLITZ your smoothie in a blender.

If you are not using Frozen Fruit I recommend you add 4 ice cubes to your blender so your smoothie is chilled.

If you don’t have blender you can just grab a cheap one from your local bargain store or online for around $20.

Your Flat Tummy Protein Scoop is a Perfect Serve

In your parcel you will find your scoop.

Fill your scoop to the top and you have the perfect serving size.

What About the Rest of Your Meals?

Follow the 5 Step Flat Tummy Checklist

1. Eat often during the day to boost your metabolism.

It's as simple as Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Dinner.. 

Eating Often

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Assists your body in burning fat 24 hours a day
  • Eliminates cravings
  • Helps your body to get toned

    Here is how to put together a day of food...

TIP: Have 1-2 Flat Tummy Smoothies every day to make it easy

2. Drink lots of Water

Water makes you feel fuller and flushes the fat and toxins from the body.

The more you drink the more you shrink.

Over 70% of your body is water and you need to be in a hydrated state to burn fat off your tummy, hips, thighs and arms.

TIP: Have 1-2 Flat Tummy Smoothies every day to make it easy

3. Flush the Fat with Fibre 

Not enough fibre = belly bloat and blockages (if you know what I mean) :-) Fruit and Vegetables are the best source of natural fibre.

TIP: An easy way to get in your fibre is to have your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie daily.

4. Ensure you are having enough Protein each day.

  • Protein makes you feel fuller
  • Protein helps you to burn more fat
  • Protein helps you to get toned
  • Protein helps you to have clear skin and lovely hair and nails

Tip: A meal only counts if it contains protein.

Add these easy sources of protein to your mid morning and mid afternoon snacks to make them count as meals

  • Natural or European yoghurt
  • Low fat cottage cheese, (have this on a ryvita with a sliced tomato)
  • An egg
  • A tin of tuna

TIP Have your Tummy Protein Smoothie daily to make getting in your protein easy.

5. Eat Pure and Natural

Eat natural pure foods as these foods give you energy and do not store as fat.

The more natural a food is the better.

Replace instant, processed and junk foods with natural pure foods.

TIP: Your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie is the fastest, easiest way to get in a pure and natural meal.

6. It's not “all or nothing”

I recommend you still enjoy your favourite meal each week.

It can actually speed up your results as you have something to look forward to and are less likely to have a blowout during the week.

I love Thai and Indian and look forward to enjoying a Thai or Indian Takeaway every week.

Meal Ideas

You can have your Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie at any time.  

Mix up your Smoothies with your meals using the ideas below.

Ideas for Breakfast

  • Weetbix with sultanas, banana and milk
  • Wholemeal toast with 2 scrambled or boiled eggs

  • Porridge made with sultanas, banana, strawberries and milk

  • Omelette with mushrooms, spinach, whole tomato and chopped capsicum

    Lunch and Dinner Ideas
  • Wholemeal or rye bread roll/sandwich with salad (fresh rocket & mixed greens) with sundried/fresh tomato, some form of protein (tofu, chicken etc), avocado, fresh onion.

  • Chicken Avocado Wrap with fresh salad

  • 2 x large sushi rolls (vegetable or fresh tuna – no fried options)

  • Brown Rice Salad: mix Brown Rice, protein (chicken or tofu), roast pumpkin cubes, steamed chopped green beans, peas and corn, fresh button mushrooms, green steamed beans and serve with green salad.
  • Healthy burger: salad greens, beetroot, pineapple, avocado, onion, either lean chicken, or tofu or veggie/lentil burger on a wholemeal bun

  • Hearty Soup: solid home made chunky soup - pumpkin, tomato, vegetable – serve with a bread roll and side salad (no over processed powder soups)

  • Steamed vegetables with grilled or baked fish/chicken/tofu and a baked potato

  • Seafood/tofu skewers with grilled vegetables with a side salad and medium potato.

  • Stir-fried vegetables such as bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots, capsicum and mushrooms, green beans with lean protein (chicken/tofu) and fresh noodles with sauce.

  • Vegetable curries (potato cauliflower or mushroom, eggplant and cauliflower, stews, and hotpots.)

    TIP: Instead of adding oil or butter for flavour, experiment with marinades, spices, fresh herbs and plain yogurt

    Morning Arvo Snacks
    Add these easy sources of protein to your mid morning and mid afternoon snacks to make them count as meals

  • Natural or European yogurt
  • Low fat cottage cheese, (have this on a ryvita with a sliced tomato)
  • An egg
  • A tin of tuna

    TIP Make your Morning and Arvo Snacks super fast by having a Flat Tummy Protein Smoothie

Recipes and Meal Plan

If you love Pizza

  • Spaghetti (with real pasta)
  • Pancakes (Yes you can enjoy them with maple syrup)
  • Burritos
  • Nachos
  • Moist tasty Banana Bread
  • Toasties
  • Tacos
  • Potato Wedges,
  • Sossy Rolls

then check out the Flat Tummy Recipes and Meal Plan by clicking here

Here are just some of the delicious Fat Burning Recipes from the Flat Tummy Meal Plan

What About Exercise?

Nutrition is the single most important factor in getting a flat tummy and losing weight.

Getting what you eat right is 10x more effective than exercise.

Exercise is going to make you feel great, and help you to get toned so exercise is also definitely recommended.

To get started all you need is 20 mins, 3 times per week.

How long does it take to lose weight

Can you get results in just one week?
YES.  When you get everything right your results are dramatic.

Here are the results from just one week...

Over time you can expect to lose 1/2 to 1kg per week.  Some weeks will have a greater loss, some weeks a smaller loss.  

As long as your overall average is 1/2 to 1kg you are doing GREAT.

It doesn't matter how much you have to lose.

All that matters is you are making consistent progress.


I am a little bit different to most “weight loss gurus”.

I have actually been out of shape, and I struggled with my weight for a long time.

I tried and failed at every diet and exercise program.

I heard that having a protein smoothie could be a fast, easy way to lose weight and get a flatter tummy..

I searched and searched but every protein I could find tasted horrible and made me feel sick

Some were sickly sweet...
Others had a disgusting aftertaste...
Some were chalky and powdery...
Some made me go the toilet all the time...
Some make me all jittery and sick...

Some made me feel bloated

and some even made me gain weight!

When I checked the ingredients of what I had been having I was horrified.

I knew that to lose weight and beat cravings I should be eating pure... but these shakes were packed full of nasty, fake chemicals.

Some were packed full of hidden sugar...

Others were packed with nasty craving causing artificial Sweeteners...

Others had laxatives and caffeine...

No wonder they tasted awful and made me feel sick...

Any one of these chemicals is enough to bloat your tummy and mess up your weightloss... and the products had so many...

Here is a typical ingredients label...

So I made my own pure natural protein...

and Flat Tummy Protein was born.

To date Flat Tummy Protein is still the only protein that is guaranteed pure and natural.  

Flat Tummy Protein is so pure that it is the only protein that is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Flat Tummy Protein helped me to lose 20kgs.

Flat Tummy Protein didn’t just work for me, it has worked for the thousands of women who have used it since.

It works faster than any diet you have ever tried...

Give it a go!


Here are some of the amazing results women have achieved using Flat Tummy Protein.



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